Maxitone Definity CLA Softgels

Maxitone Definity CLA Softgels

28 Softgels


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Maxitone Sculptress Diet 700g

Maxitone Sculptress Diet 700g

700g/14 servings


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We’re excited to present our new, improved, and reformulated, Definity Protein Plus!

In response to the feedback received from you lovely Maxitone customers, we have reformulated Definity to meet your specific needs.

  • We’ve tailored it to suit female nutritional needs by adding iron, vitamin C and magnesium
  • Two delicious new flavours - raspberry ripple and chocolate toffee
  • You get four more servings in each tub
  • Definity Protein Plus now provides a source of fibre
  • Contains 20g of high quality whey protein, 111 calories and 1.7 grams of fat per serving (varies slightly depending on which flavour you choose) Definity Protein Plus is a convenient yet tasty high protein drink - ideal for use immediately after exercise without the added fat, sugar and calories
  • All ingredients are suitable for vegetarians

The Benefits of Definity Protein Plus...

Added Nutrients

And with added nutrients such as iron, vitamin C and magnesium, Definity Protein Plus gives you the added health benefits;

  • It contributes 30% of your RDA for iron, vitamin C and magnesium
  • Helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • It supports your daily energy levels
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Women have a higher biological need for iron in the production of red blood cells
  • Vitamin C improves the absorption of iron
  • It supports cognitive function – helping us to feel sharp!

20g of Whey Protein

Active women require a higher amount of protein within their daily diet to prompt effective recovery from exercise. The 20g of whey protein within each serving of Definity Protein Plus provides a rich source of essential amino acids and is considered to be the optimum amount to stimulate recovery from exercise; meaning fewer aches and pains.

If you struggle to get enough lean, quality protein from your diet, Definity Protein Plus is ideal.

Following extensive research and continuing to keep abreast of studies, we have reformulated our original Definity protein so that it’s the ideal formula for active women. We’ve also tried to make the new product better value for money, bearing in mind the recent VAT increase, and so have added four more servings. Please note, Definity has now been discontinued and replaced with Definity Protein Plus.